Dallas United Crew

  New Community Boathouse for Dallas on White Rock Lake

Dallas United Crew Believes Rowing and Kayaking can Change Lives. We've seen it happen over and over within our youth rowing programs over the last ten years on White Rock Lake. The new DUC Boathouse will provide the accessibility to the water, the programs, and the leadership to make that same impact on the lives of many more citizens of the greater Dallas community.

Our Goal is to make Oar and Paddle Sports Accessible to Everyone

These sports provide self-discipline, self-confidence and a sense of teamwork. Teens in our programs learn the true meaning of “team” as the fastest boats require all rowers pulling together in synchronized effort, with determination and focus. The lessons our youth find on the water are of a trained mind overcoming physical and mental barriers to achieve success. The lessons can also be the same for many adults, as well as for anyone facing physical challenges. Learning to row or kayak independently on the water can provide new hope and expanding opportunities for anyone. Our objective is to provide new boathouse, equipment and programs to open a broad range of oar and paddle sports to the greater Dallas community.

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for people of all ages to experience these sports in a fun, safe manner and to provide access to the water for the disabled.

Our purpose is to change lives by teaching the skills necessary in rowing and flat water sports – dedication, focus, physical endurance, technique, nutrition, and working as a team.

Our hope is that we will help people of all ages and physical abilities improve their quality of life through these sports and programs. These skills learned on the water can also lead to success in other areas in life and open the door for new opportunities.

Join us in making a difference! Supporting Dallas United Crew will make a positive impact on young lives for years to come.

Images of the Proposed DUC Boathouse site